meet the team
at sshe


Professor; The Head of Faculty at SSHE

Johnny Kim

Korean-born Prof. Dr. Kim has resided in Switzerland for over 29 years. Having studied in
Korea(Seoul), China(Shanghai), Singapore, Switzerland(Geneva, Bern, Sion, Montreux, St.Gallen),
Russia(St. Peterburg), UK(London) and USA(Boston, Paro Alto, Indiana, New York, Notre Dam, he
holds an extremely wealth of academic experience that, along with his impressive professional
background with his several own-business experience, brings great depth to his dynamic and
empowering lectures since 2006.



Dariya is our administrator – all affairs of our students go directly to her. Her strong professional skills and unparalleled knowledge of french language and culture(more than 15 years of practice) makes her our strong asset. Moreover, Dariya’s background as a linguist and polyglot is giving our students an opportunity to study french(as well other languages too). Currently, she is working on her PhD in French and Slavic lingustic

Marketing manager

Mikhail Shevchenko

Mikhail has been with the SSHE team from the very beginning. He is the university administrator and is responsible for ensuring that the university runs smoothly. He’s been living in Switzerland for more than 20 years, which gives him strong grip of how things are working here in terms of business and everyday life.

Administrative assistant

Lala Chzhan

Lala is our over the top reliable employee – she is responsible for all of our documentation and internal processes, as well as for social media marketing. She is making things run smooth and professional not only within the walls of our school, but also for all of our subscribers and potential students all around the Web.



Yan Luong

Yan is a brand marketing and communications professional with experience in the FMCG and Broadcast Media fields. He helps organisations understand and leverage digital communications opportunities and is currently exploring the new ways of working, innovating and collaborating.