Korean-born Prof. Dr. Kim has resided in Switzerland for over 29 years. Having studied in
Korea(Seoul), China(Shanghai), Singapore, Switzerland(Geneva, Bern, Sion, Montreux, St.Gallen),
Russia(St. Peterburg), UK(London) and USA(Boston, Paro Alto, Indiana, New York, Notre Dam, he
holds an extremely wealth of academic experience that, along with his impressive professional
background with his several own-business experience, brings great depth to his dynamic and
empowering lectures since 2006.
  Prof. Dr.Kim has spent his dynamic functioning years occupying various roles in numerous sectors;
from Business & Ethics, Strategic Leadership, Strategic International Management, Strategic
Marketing Strategy, Hospitality & International Tourism Management, Public Relations & Event,
Conference Management, Mass Media, Business Communication, Just you name a few.
Between 1988 and 2007, Prof. Dr. Kim was CEO and Managing Director of several Korean Tourism
Ventures, Media & Publishing Business in Switzerland (Geneva), France (Paris) and Korea (Seoul).
His rich academic background comprises a PhD in Economics, PhD in Tourism Marketing
(Qualification; VAE-Valuable Professional Experience), DBA, Doctorate in Leadership and
Entrepreneurship, and DBA in Leisure and Tourism Management; and MBA, Master in Business
Administration, MSc in Tourism Management, and MBA in Entrepreneurship. Executive MBA in
International Tourism Management, and EMBA in International Management; And a BBA, Bachelor
in Business Administration, BA International Travel and Tourism, BA in Language & Literature.
He holds several AMP (Advanced Management Program Certificates), extensive number of executive
certificates from global leading universities around the world. Prof. Dr.Kim is currently lecturing as a
tutor at The University of Northampton, and at Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge and
Chelmsford in United Kingdom.
He is an energetic leader of Extra-Curricular Activities Committee (Value Based Education) of SSHE
to involve students in social action and social responsibility through service learning programs,
discover their talents, provide opportunities for leadership through competition and co-operation and
confidence building, help in the development of skills needed to keep up with modern technology in a
professional world.
He annually organizes Overseas Asia Filed Tours, and technical visits to local companies & factories,
leisure, excursion & tour events, literary and cultural events nationwide in Switzerland and major
European countries. You all are kindly encouraged to come and join with us for having life-lasting
memories while you are studying.