Dual Degree

Event Management and Wedding Planning

Dual Degree* gives students opportunity to receive diplomas from 2 European Universities simultaneously.

Students do not have to worry about combining two programs – our team has already done half of work for you. All the courses are logically integrated into the general study plan, and you will not have to miss or sacrifice any of the courses.

* contact administration of SSHE for more information


Here are some specialization courses you need to complete

Managing International Events
Planning and Financial Management for Events
Wedding Etiquette, Traditions and Customs

Designed for you

Our programs fit the way you work, the way you live

Startup Management

You are planning to open a new business and want to get skills and knowledge that can be applicable for your project? Then Startup Management program is for you.

Business Administration

Are you keen to learn how to complete projects successfully with the most efficient way of using financial resources, time and engaging other people? This program will help to grasp knowledge on different managerial aspects.

Luxury Brand Management

Whether you are looking to work for a leading brand or start your own company, this program will give you the skill set needed to be an effective manager and to start a career in the fashion and luxury industry.

Project Management

Our Project Management program is specially designed to provide our students with the necessary tools and methodology to make sure that projects achieve their goals, are completed on time and within budget. This program gives the students everything necessary to successfully plan, initiate, execute, monitor and close a project.