Business Administration

Business Administration prepares students to various managerial roles both in corporate sector and in small and medium size companies of their own.

At the Bachelor level students learn how to manage resources, time and personnel in order to effectively start and complete projects. The program combines numerous disciplines in communication, finance, economics, business management and others, which gives students opportunities to work in various fields in the roles of senior management, strategic consultants, independent experts in the future.

At the Master level students receive comprehensive knowledge on different managerial aspects, from international management to finance management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Students will be able to apply both methodological skills and practical experience achieved during their education. Graduates of the program will get access to higher level positions, such as project managers, managers of senior levels, and/or will be able to start their own business.


Some CORE Courses in Business Administration Management:

Introduction to Microeconomics

Business Ethics


Globalization and International Business

Marketing Management

Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management

Social Business Management



Business Law I


Some SPECIALISATION Courses in Business Administration Management:

Operational Management 

Multinational Organisations Management

Strategy, Innovation, and Global Competition

E-Business Model Design