Certificate in Project Management

Certificate suits professionals who already have knowledge of Business subjects. These people do not have a necessity to spend 1.5 years for Master program, instead of that they want to focus on Specialisation subjects of their choice. Certificate program at SSHE includes 1 semester of intensive diving into the Specialised courses.

Language: English
Degree Awarded: Certificate in Fashion Management
Start dates: October and February (Candidates can apply for and join the individual program throughout the year)

Program description

hours of seminars


Here are some specialization courses you need to complete

Advanced Project Risk Management
Advanced Quality Control Management
Innovation Management

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Oil & Gas Management

Our Oil and Gas Management program will prepare you for a management career in the oil and gas industry.

Event Management and Wedding Planning

Our Event Management and Wedding Planning Program was developed to meet the ever increasing demand for specialists in event management.

Business Administration

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Startup Management

You are planning to open a new business and want to get skills and knowledge that can be applicable for your project? Then Startup Management program is for you.