International Relations

Whether you are looking to work for a leading brand or start your own company, this program will give you the skill set needed to be an effective manager and to start a career in the fashion and luxury industry.

At the Bachelor level students get comprehensive set of approaches and gives global perspective on social, economic and political relations. It provides students with many career options as it combines a number of business disciplines, such as economics, management, marketing, finance, business administration with more specialised courses in political and international relations field. During the program, students will be introduced to both theoretical methodologies and practical instruments to implement in the future career. After finishing the program, students will be able to execute tasks in the roles of international consultants, social entrepreneurs, and experts in multinational organisations.

The Master program in International Relations suits those students who want to pursue their careers with international focus. The program gives students a handful of various tactics in such areas as international management, business development/entrepreneurship, diplomacy and foreign policy analysis. After finishing the program, students will be able to join international organizations, become a part of diplomatic services or work in private sector.

Some Core Courses in International Relations Management:

Introduction to Microeconomics

Business Ethics


Globalization and International Business

Marketing Management

Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management

Social Business Management



Business Law I


Some Specialisation Courses in International Relations Management:

Global Business in International Relations

International Politics and Diplomacy

International Monetary Theory

International Trade